Bridal Makeup and Hair Same Sex wedding Brisbane

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Oh hey there bride to be! 

It’s happening! You have the ring, you have the date, you might even have the dress!  Now you just need me! 

I know just how overwhelmed you are. Very few of us have experience planning a wedding until it comes to planning our own. Unfortunately I can’t plan the whole day, but I can definetely take away the stress of organising your wedding makeup and hair!

Offering a fully mobile wedding makeup service means I can travel to you for your big day or event. This removes the hassle and stress of having to fit travel into your already busy schedule. You and your bridal party can relax in comfortable surrounds while I work my magic. I provide all necessary makeup and hair products with no additional purchases necessary. I believe wedding days are a time for fun and strive to provide a relaxed and friendly service.

The importance of selecting the right wedding makeup artist and hair stylist for your day can not be overstated. My calm, confident nature and willingness to make your day the best it can possibly be goes a long way to ensuring smooth on the day delivery of services.  Hiring a wedding makeup artist and hairstylisyt should make your day easier, not add extra stress to your event planning! I am happy to work alongside other providers and photographers to make your day as streamlined as possible.

By providing both makeup and hair styling, I aim to reduce any unnecessary stress. There is no need to coordinate different beauty teams or worry about having large groups of strangers around during what should be a time for an intimate gathering of friends and family. I will stay until you have changed into your dress and ensure your hair and makeup remains in perfect condition until you walk out the door.  I am also available to be on hand throughout your wedding and reception in order to provide any necessary touch ups and ensure you look your best at all times.

Being a solo artist allows me to focus on small bridal parties and solo brides. I don’t charge any extra fees because you don’t have a wedding party. I love working elopements and intimate weddings where I can really work with you to provide a tailored luxury experience.

I am very happy to chat to you about any questions or concerns you may have and to help recommend styles to suit you and your wedding! Fill out my contact form or email me at [email protected] and tick one more job off your to do list!

Why do brides choose Ellen Munro Makeup + Hair?

Natural Makeup Specialist

By specialising in natural bridal makeup, I strive to bring out the best in my brides without overshadowing or masking their own beauty.

A lot of brides worry that the makeup necessary for flawless bridal photos will be heavy and feel uncomfortable, but by using high quality products and proper techniques, I can assure you this is not the case.

Many of my brides do not usually wear makeup and I keep their level of comfort in the forefront of my mind when selecting suitable products.

Fully Personalised Service

I work with you to help create your vision – whatever that may be! I carry a wide range of products and can mix and customise to ensure we achieve the perfect colours and finish for your skin. I cater for all skin and hair types and carry products for everyone.

No two brides are alike, so neither are their hair and makeup needs! By working with you I can tailor the perfect look to bring out your best and make your dream wedding look a reality. I am one of the few Brisbane based wedding make up artists that offer a true fully personalised service.

My Exclusivity Guarantee

When you book your wedding with me you can be rest assured you will be the only bride I have that day and that your booking will always take priority!

Wedding days are monumental occasions and I work hard to ensure I can give you my full attention and highest quality service on the day. This means not having other brides to rush off to, or multiple weddings to confuse details of. This also means I remain flexible and can accomodate any changes to your on the day schedule that may arise.

Makeup and Hair in one

Getting both hair and makeup done by the same person cuts down on the amount of bookings you have to manage and people to coordinate on an already stressful day. It can also help to reduce costs as you won’t have to pay for travel for 2 different vendors! By offering both hair and makeup, I am able to create a cohesive look for you and there is no need to worry about conflicting hair and makeup schedules, excessive travel fees, or the excessive wait times between services. This is also a great option for solo brides or smaller bridal parties!