Natural makeup specialist – Brisbane, Gold Coast + sunshine Coast

Natural makeup can have a pretty broad interpretation. When people ask for natural they can mean a range of things – From looking like they are not wearing makeup at all, to a heavier application using natural tones like browns and soft pinks.

When I refer to natural makeup, I mean that I like to keep my brides looking like themselves. I love to have real skin peeking through and for makeup to enhance your features, not to hide or disguise them. While I’m happy to colour correct and minimise imperfections, I don’t want to take away the things that make you, you!

I prioritise comfort. Sure that long lasting lipstick may look great, but if it is going to feel dry and distract you on such an important day, the moisturizing formula will look just as good and keep you comfortable! Worried false lashes might irritate you? Let’s give them a trial, and if you don’t like them? There’s always mascara! Beauty doesn’t have to be pain. Looking good doesn’t have to come at a cost. Most importantly, makeup shouldn’t overshadow you, it should bring out your best!

To help you get an idea of my makeup style, and to decide what look will have you wowing, I have outlined some of the different styles! You can also see more examples of my work here

Sunshine Coast Caloundra Natural Makeup and Hairstyling

No Makeup Makeup

Sometimes the look you want isn’t about adding things, but rather taking some things away. A no makeup look is great if all you want is to show your best self, minus a few pesky blemishes, or those under eye bags that have snuck up during the wedding prep. It’s also an excellent choice for younger members of the bridal party, who want to feel included and look great in photos, while still being age appropriate.

natural makeup

Minimal Makeup

Minimal makeup is a go to of mothers of the bride/groom, and brides alike. It’s a great balance between no makeup, and getting dressed up and making the most of a special occasion. Weddings mean photos. A minimal makeup look means you look great in those photos, and in person, but you still look like yourself! It’s also a great opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one, without feeling uncomfortable or out of your depth.

natural makeup

Soft Natural Glam

This is all about looking fresh and glowy. Like a more refinded version of yourself. Soft natural glam has a big focus on natural looking skin and defined eyes.

It’s a great option if you want the glam experience without overshadowing or stealing focus from you!

natural makeup

Traditional Bridal

Want a bold lip, but to keep your eyes soft and dreamy? Maybe statement lashes paired with a lush nude lip? Soft glam is an excellent way to ramp up your style and add a sense of occasion! This is also an excellent option for bridesmaids, especially if you opt for a glam look yourself, and then a softer version of the same look for your girls!

natural makeup

glam makeup

You only live once, right? There’s a good chance you only get married once too, so why not be brave?

You can be glam, and still look like you! By using neutral tones like browns and blacks and accents of golds, silver, and blush pinks you can maintain a softer look, while having the full glam experience!

Ready to choose your natural style?