Expert tips for choosing your dream wedding hairstyle

One of the questions my brides find the hardest to answer is whether they want their hair up or down? Both choices have their advantages and can look equally stunning!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing how to wear your hair!

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What does your dress look like?

Does it have a detailed back you’d like to show off? Then an upstyle is the way to go!

Is it dreamy and flowing? Hair down may match this perfectly!

Don’t forget to take your location and the weather into account.

Soft beach waves may suit your outdoor wedding theme, but if it’s extremely hot or windy they may fall quickly and end up in your face. It may be best to consider a half up style that keeps your hair out of your face, or an upstyle with soft pieces left out.

do you have any areas of concern?

Some women want to make sure the tops of their ears are covered, so opt for an upstyle with sweeping sides. Other women prefer to have their shoulders covered and feel more comfortable with their hair down as a result. Whatever look will make you feel most comfortable is the one that will suit you best!

what accessories will you be wearing?

If you’re wearing a veil or hair accessory, will it go with your selected style? If so, where will it be placed?

Dangling statement earrings and neckalaces look amazing with hair swept back off the face and decollatage.

how do you usually wear your hair?

Your bridal self should be an enhanced version of yourself. If you always wear your hair up and this is how you feel most comfortable, then wear it up! If you feel weird with your hair not around your face. Wear it down or be sure to leave pieces out!

Extra tips!

– When looking for styles try to find images with hair similar to your own.

-Remember to consider how the front of a style will look

-Be open to a trim. A lot of the face framing styles need to be cut into shape in order to sit properly.

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