8 Benefits of being a COVID Bride in 2021

COVID wedding

Here we go again. Another round of snap lockdowns. Another bunch of cancelled weddings and a whole lot of brides and grooms left with stress and uncertainty. It almost seems like walking down that aisle and being a Bride during COVID is impossible, but it’s important to remain optimistic.

2020 and 2021 have been a terrible time for brides, grooms and the wedding industry. Even those who have managed to have their weddings have had to make sacrifices and live with the very real anxiety that their day could be cancelled at any moment with there being nothing they can do about it. For an even unluckier group, their day has been suddenly cancelled. All the time and effort put into planning has been ruined by one government announcement. Often not just once but multiple times. It is easy to consider giving up entirely, but there are some silver linings!

I have compiled a list of 8 benefits of being a COVID bride to help us remember it is not all bad

8 benefits of being a covid bride

1. reducing numbers

Weddings are a time of stress. Everyone has something to say about how things should be done. One of the easiest ways to remove some of this stress is to remove some of these people. But that comes with its own issues and a whole new range of problems. Until now! COVID has provided many brides and grooms with the perfect reason to cut their wedding numbers without offending anyone. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of elopements with many of my brides telling me now seemed like the perfect time to have the small wedding they always wanted, without anyone questioning their decision to keep things intimate.

2. smaller bridal party

On a similar note, less international and interstate travel is the perfect reason to keep bridal parties small and local. As much as you love your American bestie, the hassle of having to coordinate dress fittings and stress of last-minute alterations can be completely removed.

3. video and live streaming

The thought of not having important people present was once devastating. But our new normal has seen the rise of video and live streaming services. Not being able to physically attend a wedding once meant missing out entirely. However, Zoom and facebook live now mean those who cannot attend can still feel like they are a part of your big day!

4. reprioritize

Is that big wedding actually what matters to you? Do you find yourself most upset that you will not get to see your friends? That you will not get to wear your dress? That you will not get to spend this special day with your partner? All these things are completely valid feelings and being able to assess what your day really meant to you may also help you realise how to move forward! If it was about you and your partner, perhaps consider eloping. If it is about celebrating with everyone, maybe consider an intimate ceremony and hold off on the celebrations until you can have a big party with everyone you love! If the photos and feeling amazing are important to you, consider having a bridal photo shoot! Often, we get caught up in what we are expected to do, we forget to assess what we want.

5. time to make changes

No matter how long you have been planning, your wedding day always seems to come around far too quickly. There is usually a list of things you wish you had time to achieve but did not. Whether that be growing out your hair, getting your skin care in order, or perfecting that first dance! With the big things all organised and out of the way, postponement can be your opportunity to focus on the smaller things that matter to you! Use this opportunity to pick something important to you and get it the way you had always dreamed of.

6. change vendors

Perhaps you were not totally confident in your initial decisions. Maybe you have bad vibes from the way they have handled your cancellation or postponement. Or maybe your initial vendors simply are not available on your new date. Whatever the reason, a COVID postponement might be the perfect time to reassess the team you have supporting you. I have heard from countless brides who have felt that they settled on their initial vendors and used their postponement as a chance to either find, or save for and afford, the vendors they really wanted!

7. stronger relationship

Some couples do not make it through wedding planning once, let alone two or three times! If you and your partner survive all the challenges of having to plan a wedding multiple times as well as the rollercoaster of emotions in the lead up and let down, you are going to be well equipped to deal with the other challenges you will inevitably face over the course of your relationship. Bonus points if you have survived lockdown together!

8. bragging rights

Our generation has been severely lacking in some decent ‘in my day’ anecdotes. What will be better than looking back when your children are planning their own weddings and pulling out the ‘In my day we did not know whether our wedding would go ahead until we were getting married, and even then, there was a risk of everyone catching a highly contagious virus!’ quote. That is a plus. Right?!

Will any of these things make you feel better when your wedding has just been postponed for the third time due to a snap lockdown? Probably not. Grief at the loss of a significant life event is very real and valid. It is ok to let yourself feel let down and disappointed.

But remember, while postponing your wedding for a couple of weeks, a couple of months or even a couple of years may seem like a disaster right now, when you are staring down the barrel of a lifetime together it really is insignificant. You might even find these times forced together through hardship may end up being some of the most meaningful and significant in your relationship.

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