Brides FAQ

I often have brides to be who are unsure of what to expect from a bridal makeup artist, so have created this page to answer some of the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, or you would like to discuss any aspect of your wedding makeup needs please get in touch!

Do I need a trial?

I would always suggest you do, yes. Even if you know exactly the look you want, and are confident your artist has created the look before, it is always advisable to see how the vision in your head translates before your wedding day. You may find the look you dreamed of does not suit you as you had hoped or there may be several looks you wish to experiment with to make sure the one you settle on is the perfect one for you! Even though things can always be adjusted and fixed, the last thing you want on your wedding day is any additional stress.

Do my bridesmaids need a trial?

This is not very common. Bridesmaid’s looks tend to be softer than the brides, with many opting for a fresh natural look. Unless a bridesmaid has a specific requirement, or has previously had a bad experience, they do not tend to request a trial. In this instance the trial is usually at the bridesmaids own expense.

How long should I leave for my trial?

It is a good idea to allow a few hours for your trial in order to have time to chat with your artist, research some looks, and experiment with what suits you. Generally I’d recommend about 1.5 hours for a makeup or hair only trial and 2.5-3 hours for both. It is a great idea to bring along images of hair and makeup styles you like.

When should I have my trial?

Generally a few months to several weeks out from the wedding. You don’t want to have it done too far out from the wedding as a number of things can change in the time between your trial and wedding including skin condition, skin tone and weight. Your wedding itself may also change and develop and a look that suited your wedding perfectly when you were just starting planning a year ago, may not suit the final wedding theme. On the other hand, you don’t want to leave your trial too late in case you have any concerns, after all your artist will be an important part of your day!

A lot of brides are opting to have their makeup trials before their hens parties or other special event. Most people don’t treat themselves to getting glammed up often, so why not make the most of it! This is also an excellent way to ensure your artist has used quality products that will last throughout your day.

What sort of look is appropriate?/I don’t usually wear makeup, what will suit me?

The makeup look you choose for your big day is very personal to you. There is no simple, one size fits all look for a bride. That is why it is so important to talk to your makeup artist about the style that suits you, your personality, and your wedding, best!

Should I have traditional or airbrush makeup?

This is a tricky one. It really comes down to skin type and personal preference. Some people much prefer the feel of airbrush, whilst others find traditional makeup to be more comfortable and hydrating. If you are unfamiliar with either or both techniques it’s a great idea to chat with your artist about your skin type and which they think may suit you best, or to trial both techniques and see for yourself which feels more comfortable for you.

How long will I need for makeup on the day?

This all depends on the style and complexity of the hair and makeup. As a bit of a guide, for basic hair styling and makeup, including touch ups, I schedule 1.5 hours per person. The more complex the look the longer it will take. If you are planning on having a separate artist and stylist, most looks can be achieved in 1 hour or less. The timing of specific looks can also be worked out at your trial to ensure ample time is available on the day.

How much should I expect to pay?

Prices can vary greatly between artists and I have seen quotes from $120 to $250 for hair and makeup. Unfortunately price is not always an indicator of quality, I’ve seen some great artists who charge much less than they are worth, and some average work charged at exorbitant prices. The main things to look at when booking an artist is their previous work, experience, and the quality of the products they use. If you are being charged a price that seems too good to be true, chances are corners are being cut somewhere and unfortunately brides have fallen prey to products that do not have the staying power to last the day, or that reflect poorly in photographs. Realistically, prices will generally fall somewhere between these two extremes and depend upon experience. My prices are available here.

Can you recommend any suppliers or vendors to help me with my planning?

Of course! Check out my recommended vendors page to check out people I have previously worked with and whose work I love!


If you have any more questions, please get in touch!