Traditional vs. Airbrush

Traditional vs. Airbrush Makeup

I am often asked about the major differences between traditional and airbrush foundation application and which is the best option for my brides. Below I have provided an overview of both methods. This guide will help you decide which method will give you the best results on your wedding day.

Traditional, or hand brushed makeup, is the most common form of makeup application with most women using this type of application themselves. Foundations are applied using a brush or sponge, and can come in a range of formulations including cream, liquid and powder. Traditional foundations offer a wide range of finishes and have a great deal of flexibility. 

All skin types are catered for with traditional foundation. Cream and liquid foundations are a great choice for dry and mature skin types. Traditional foundations are highly versatile, making them a great all round product and an absolute staple of a professional makeup artist.

I carry a full range of Cinema Secrets cream foundations in my kit. These are lightweight, buildable, and cruelty free foundations. They can be easily mixed  in order to make any colour and achieve all levels of coverage. I also have a number of liquid foundations and mixing mediums to ensure I always have a product on hand to meet your needs!



Airbrush makeup is a newer form of application which uses an air compressor to spray a fine mist of foundation over the face, providing a soft even coverage. Airbrush makeup tends to sit on top of the skin rather than being buffed or brushed into the skin. The result is a flawless coating which offers excellent coverage without caking. As airbrush makeup does not involve brushes or other application products touching the skin it can be a great option for people whose skin is easily aggravated.

I choose to use Elementwo Silicon Based Foundations. This professional range of makeup is water, sweat and transfer resistant. Colours can be easily mixed to create custom blends, meaning all skin tones are catered for.

Which is best for me?

Traditional and Airbrush makeup both have their pros and cons. Both application methods can provide flawless coverage with the end results often being indistinguishable. Traditional and airbrush makeup will last all day when applied by a properly trained artist. Some prefer the lightweight feel of airbrush foundation, whilst others find traditional products to feel more comfortable on the skin.  Therefore, if you have no major skin concerns, the difference really comes down to personal preference. Both traditional and airbrush makeup provide excellent, long lasting results, that can be tailored to suit you!

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